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2021 Aspen Ideas Digital

Aspen Ideas 2021 Digital Schedule

The Aspen Ideas team has plotted a series of discussions and presentations that speak to possibility!

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During the online Festival, our speakers will discuss reimagining the future of education, how lessons from the pandemic can help us lead happier lives, and what it will take to identify and prevent the next pandemic. They'll debate what can be done at home to rethink democracy so it's more inclusive, and what can be done abroad to work withsuperpowers like China.

To improve democracy, what roles do media, journalists, and the education system play? What might our future look like around issues of justice? How will an age of discovery address the challenges we face around climate, disease, and even ethical applications of new technologies?

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Look Who's Speaking at Aspen Ideas

Our theme — American Futures — will bring forth remarkable ideas from Mary BarraElizabeth AlexanderWhitney Wolfe HerdPete ButtigiegYo-Yo MaJane McGonigalNathan WolfeArthur Brooks, and many more.

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