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Uncertainty has always been a driver of extremism.

Christian Picciolini Founder, Goldmill Group; Author, White American Youth: My Descent into...
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Off Stage 1: Leaving Hate Behind

Off Stage 1: Leaving Hate Behind

Show Notes

In our first “Off Stage” bonus episode, New York Times Contributing Op-Ed Writer Wajahat Ali speaks with former white supremacist skinhead Christian Picciolini. For 8 years, Picciolini was a follower, then a leader in the white supremacist movement. When the people he thought he hated showed compassion, he left the group. Now he helps others disengage from extremism. In this one-on-one discussion, he talks about what draws someone to join an extremist group, why white supremacy is growing in the United States, and how we can stop hate in its tracks. Ali and Picciolini were speakers at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June.


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