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We knew we were gonna be making people uncomfortable with some of the words we were saying from the pulpit, but we were gonna say them anyway.

Shira Stutman Senior Rabbi, Sixth & I Synagogue
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Off Stage 13: One Synagogue’s Unconventional Outreach Approach

Off Stage 13: One Synagogue’s Unconventional Outreach Approach

Show Notes

Shira Stutman is senior rabbi at a historic synagogue in Washington, DC that’s doing innovative things. The ‘Sixth & I’ is a non-denominational, non-membership, non-traditional Jewish synagogue. Talks, concerts, and comedy shows are held there with a goal to enlighten and inspire people to live more meaningful lives. In her conversation with “1A” host Joshua Johnson, Stutman describes how religion is helping mend societal divides and how her synagogue is connecting with community. The "Off Stage Series" goes into the issues that impact all of us. These conversations feature presenters at the Aspen Ideas Festival.


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